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World-class guide Roni Martinez

Find Yucatan Endemics

Discover the Dazzling Tropical Birding Paradise of Belize

Enjoy the birds of Northern Belize as IndiGo Birding Nature Tours and Authentic Travel Belize team up on this exceptional birding itinerary. We will be working with prominent guide Roni Martinez for the first time. Roni is well-known for his passion for conservation and his advocacy for the birds of his home country. This 8-day, 7-night package incorporates day tours in search of spectacular tropical birds and Yucatan endemics while moving at a relaxed pace.

One of the beautiful aspects of this trip is the variety of accommodations we use, particularly when it comes to each place’s setting. We will spend the first three nights in the Shipstern Conservation and Management Area in northeastern Belize. Our next two nights will be in the middle of the jungle at La Milpa Ecolodge. We finish the tour at the popular Bird’s Eye View Lodge in the village of Crooked Tree. At each place, we will eat well, see beautiful birds, and relax in beautiful surroundings with comfortable accommodations.

We should see over 200 species of birds. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Tour Highlights

Bird the tropical jungles of Belize with friendly guides

Add to your life list by finding species endemic to the Yucatan

Go on night outings in search of owls, potoos, and nightjars

Feast on the delicious cuisine of Belize

Enjoy your comfortable accommodations in tropical ecolodges

Enjoy the best of Belizean weather during North American winter

See toucans, trogons, puffbirds, hummingbirds, parrots and many more tropical birds

Support Belizean conservation efforts by staying in conservation management areas

See regional endemics like Yucatan Jay, Black Catbird, Ocellated Turkey, and more.

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Trip Details

Trip Details


$2900 double occupancy, $3425 single occupancy

Departure time

Arrive mid-day in Belize on January 10, 2025

Meeting point

Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport in Belize


January 10-17, 2025


8 days, 7 nights

Group size

8-9 people

Participation requirements

All levels of birders are welcome. Ability to be on your feet in uneven terrain and adapt to tropical climate is expected.


  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Guides
  • Tours
  • Transportation

Not included

  • flights to and from Belize
  • alcoholic beverages and extra drink
  • laundry service
  • souvenirs
  • tips
  • trip insurance

What to bring

A packing list will be provided after registration.

About your guide

Belizean birding guide Roni Martinez will lead the entire trip. David Rupp of IndiGo Birding Nature Tours will serve as travel coordinator and assistant guide.

What You'll See & Do

Day 1. Arrival in Belize (night at Shipstern)

Our meeting spot is in the connections lobby of the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Ladyville, Belize. A driver from Authentic Travel Belize will be there to transport us to the Shipstern Reserve in the Corozal District of northern Belize. We will do some light birding along the way to Shipstern for Yucatan Jays and Yucatan Woodpeckers. Owling will be available for species such as Northern Potoo, Yucatan Poorwill, and Mottled Owl.

Day 2. Yucatan Endemics (night at Shipstern)

Sunrise birding around CSFI (Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative) grounds before breakfast. After, we visit Sarteneja Village and Airstrip Road for Black Catbirds, White-crowned Pigeons, Rose-throated Tanagers, Gray-throated Chats, White-bellied Wrens, and Orange Orioles. This is the best location for all of these species, so we will spend most of the morning looking for them along several roads and trails. This area is part of the dry Yucatan Peninsula with low canopy forests and warm temperatures, so we will be sure to take a break and retreat to our cool rooms during the peak heat hours. In the afternoon, we will cover more trails nearby looking for Woodcreepers, Pigeons, and Trogons.

Day 3. Shipstern Conservation Area (night at Shipstern)

Sunrise birding around CSFI grounds. After breakfast, we will bird along the Main Road, some forest Lagoons, and nearby forest trails for Rufous-browed Peppershrikes, Yucatan Flycatchers, Caribbean Doves, Yellow-lored Parrots, and Green-backed Sparrows. In the late afternoon, we will bird the rest of the Shipstern Nature Reserve. Along these forest roads leading to the sea, we will be looking for White-browed Gnatcatchers, Gray-collared Becards, Buff-bellied Hummingbirds, Reddish Egrets, and Yucatan Vireos. After dinner, we have a second-night drive.

Day 4. Northern Belize Travel & Birding Day (night at La Milpa Eco-lodge)

Early morning, we give our final attempt at any species we missed the prior days. After breakfast, we will pack and start heading to the Rio Bravo Conservation Area, a massive reserve that connects with Guatemala and Mexico to form the Selva Maya or Maya Forest, the largest tract of forest north of the Amazon. If time allows, we will stop along the Blue Creek Rice fields in search of Black-throated Bobwhite. The forest road leading to the eco-lodge is a good area for Ocellated Turkey. After checking in, we will take a short rest before walking around the grounds looking for Euphonias and Tanagers as well as several Woodcreepers.

Day 5. La Milpa (night at La Milpa Eco-lodge)

Today we will roam the vast forest roads and trails of the reserve in search of Little Tinamou and Thicket Tinamou. This area is also a good area for Gray-headed Kites, Ruddy Quail-Doves, Gray-chested Doves, and Lesson’s Motmots. Around the archaeological site, we will search for Ruddy Woodcreepers, Northern Bentbills, Stub-tailed Spadebills, and Royal Flycatchers. Around the main grounds Tropical Pewees, Black-throated Shrike-Tanagers, Green-backed Sparrows, Wedge-tailed Sabrewings, and Rufous Pihas are also possible. We will have a shorter day today for you to enjoy the grounds on your own in the afternoon.

Day 6. Jungle to Wetlands (night at Bird’s Eye View Lodge)

After coffee, we continue our search for some of the local specialties such as the Tody Motmot, Thicket Tinamou and Yucatan Flycatcher, Mayan Anttrush, Royal Flycatcher, and Gray-headed Tanager. We will return to the lodge for some remaining hummingbirds and honeycreepers. After breakfast, we will pack and start heading to Crooked Tree. This massive wetland is a Ramsar site where thousands of waders and shorebirds gather to fuel up during their northbound migration. Along the way we will try for Rufous-breasted Spinetail, Grace’s Warbler, and Olive Sparrow. You will have some off time in the afternoon, just in time to grab a drink and watch the Yellow-headed Parrots come into the area to roost.

Day 7. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary (night at Bird’s Eye View Lodge)

We will spend the morning around the lodge and nearby trails looking for Rufous-breasted Spinetails, Yellow-headed Parrots, and Striped Cuckoos. The Savannahs and wetlands behind the village are excellent for Yucatan Jays, Green Jays, Mangrove Vireos, and an occasional Jabirus. We return to the lodge for lunch and then take a break before our sunset boat ride. On this boat ride, we will be looking for Boat-billed Herons, Russet-naped Wood-Rails, Agami Herons, Black-collared Hawks, and Snail Kites, plus over a dozen waders and waterfowl. As the sun sets, we enjoy viewing the Jabirus and Wood storks look for a roosting spot.

Day 8. Final Birding Foray (departure from BZE airport)

At sunrise, we will take a boat ride down the lagoon in search of many other good birds, including the elusive Sungrebe or the colorful Roseate Spoonbill. This area is also good for American Pygmy Kingfisher and Ringed Kingfisher. We will return to the lodge for breakfast before packing and getting ready to head back to the airport. On the way out, Vermilion Flycatchers and Northern Jacanas are still possible, and a Jabiru might still surprise us. Drop off at the Airport at desired time.


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