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Come and join us on a tour of Goose Pond, home to over 280 vibrant bird species, including rare gems and charming songbirds like Blue Grosbeaks, Dickcissels, and Eastern Meadowlarks. Our exciting guided tour provides all levels of birders with an up-close experience in an area rich in wildlife including great butterfly viewing. You’ll discover some of this season’s prime birdwatching spots where you can marvel at shorebirds like dowitchers, sandpipers, and a variety of plovers populating the exposed mudflats while learning the fascinating history of this successful restoration project. Goose Pond can be an overwhelming network of vast habitats for the first-time visitor, so by joining a guided tour you’ll get an intimate and expertly-guided tour of the beautiful wildlife that inhabits this wonderful area.

Tour Highlights

See grassland songbirds (Henslow’s Sparrow, Blue Grosbeak, Dickcissel, and more) that are becoming increasingly rare due to habitat loss

Zoom in on the exposed mudflats that provide foraging grounds for many shorebirds in migration, plus nesting area for the spectacular Black-necked Stilt

Find several species of herons and egrets on the property

Rare bird alert! Goose Pond has been the location of many rare birds discovered far from their home ranges by observant birders

Get to better observation points by walking the levees

Discover the history of how this area was farmed for most of the 20th century, which makes the success of this restoration effort all the more impressive

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Trip Details

Trip Details

Public Tour Price


Private Tour Price


Meeting point

In Bloomington, at the Goose Pond Visitors Center, or at the Linton Walmart parking lot.


April to October


5-7 hours

Group size

  • Public tours – 3 to 5 guests
  • Private tours – No minimum or maximum for private tours, but my vehicle can only hold up to 5 guests. For larger groups, a caravan is possible if guests are willing to drive their own vehicle. Walkie talkies can be used for communication between vehicles.


  • Transportation
  • Binoculars if needed
  • Use of spotting scope

Not included

Snacks and drinks, so be sure to bring what you might need.

What to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Appropriate clothing for the season – layers of clothing advised for the time of year
  • Jacket
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Your own binoculars or scope
  • Phone/camera

About your guide

David Rupp, owner of IndiGo Birding, will lead this trip. David has over 25 years of birding experience and loves to share his joy for birding.

What to Expect

We’ll start the day by either meeting in Bloomington or Linton Wal-mart parking lot. We will then travel in my vehicle to the best birding areas for the season where we will go on short hikes or simply scan and observe the amazing birds. Along the way, I’ll explain the history of how this restoration project took place. Goose Pond can be an overwhelming network of vast habitats for the first-time visitor, so by joining this guided tour you’ll get an intimate look at the beautiful wildlife that inhabits the area.

Private Tour Option

I will design a day trip that gives you the best chance to see the most spectacular and rare birds. If you are a beginning birder, we’ll focus on the easiest-to-see and most charismatic birds. If you are more experienced, please let me know which species you are most wanting to find, like bitterns, Henslow’s or Grasshopper Sparrows, Least Terns, or shorebirds. Of course, there are never any guarantees (other than we’ll have a fun time!), but I’ll put us in the best place for success! I look forward to designing a tour for you. This tour can include a stop at a local restaurant or a picnic lunch.

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