Lake Monroe

Lake Monroe

Bald Eagle Tours

December – February

Lake Monroe is a winter “hotspot” for bald eagles. We’ll drive to different overlooks and recreation areas that give us a good chance to see eagles. Along the way we’ll learn about the history of eagle reintroduction into Indiana in the 1980’s. Plus, the lake hosts a lot of other wintering species, like loons and goldeneye. Bundle up and enjoy birding Indiana’s largest lake!

Migrants Around the Lake

March – May and August – October
$125 – 175, depending on length of tour

Fairfax, Cutright, Moore’s Creek, and Paynetown State Recreation Areas provide great habitat for migrating birds… and birders watching them.  We’ll visit the best spots for the time of year and weather conditions, scanning the lake for eagles and waterfowl and walking the edge to look for migrating and nesting songbirds. Easy access from Bloomington for an enjoyable morning of birding!

If you have an idea for another tour in mind, please contact me.  I am always looking for new offerings that appeal to my guests.