Brown County

Brown County

Brown County Natural History Tour

All times of year

Learn the story of Brown County from pre-settlement days to the present by visiting historical landmarks throughout the southern part of the county. Possible stops include the state park, Stone Head Nature Preserve, Pike’s Peak, the 10 0’clock Treaty Line, and Elkinsville. A highlight to this tour is the Story Inn, home to the Blue Lady Ghost and a delicious home-grown Hoosier lunch.

This is a great trip for a larger group or a bus group. I can ride in your bus and narrate a trip to the most scenic and storied places in Brown County. This tour also works for people with limited mobility and can be done on a cold or rainy day. However, if you want to hike, this tour can be customized to visit gorgeous places for a hike in any season.

Lucas Hollow Warblers

April – October

Yellowwood State Forest contains over 23,000 acres of multi-age forest in western Brown County. One of my favorite sections of this property is found at Lucas Hollow along a trail I refer to as “Warbler Alley.” In May and June of 2016, we recorded 21 different warbler species on tours through this area, and 16 of those likely nest in this section of forest. Some of the most sought-after warbler species–the Cerulean, Hooded, and Kentucky Warblers–can usually be found on this tour.

It’s not just warblers that like the habitat found in Lucas Hollow.  Other colorful songbirds we often encounter in this area include the Indigo Bunting, Scarlet Tanager, Baltimore Oriole, and Yellow-billed Cuckoo. During migration or breeding season, Lucas Hollow provides a treat for all level of birders.

On this tour we also visit nearby hotspots–T.C. Steele State Historic Site and Crooked Creek State Recreation Area–that offer different habitats and thus a wide variety of species.

Hitz-Rhodehamel Nature Preserve

April – May and September – October

A great 3-mile hike through the wooded hills and ravines that make Brown County so beautiful! A perfect outing for those that want to truly explore the wilds of Brown County. Wildflowers in the spring and increasing color in the fall, bring your hiking boots, camera, and water bottle for a hike to remember.

If you have an idea for another tour in mind, please contact me.  I am always looking for new offerings that appeal to my guests.